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I just wanted to send a quick message saying I worked today, 3-6 and had a wonderful time.  It was a beautiful exhibit and the other people working were amazing, engaging,and full of energy.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I have since sent email to other colleagues to encourage them to attend the exhibit.  Cheers. 
Abby Shaw (parent at Maple Street School Brooklyn)

Having just hosted the WOL in ABQ, NM - it is wonderful to check in to see and hear how it is going in NY. I just watched the Listen to the Children video. THANK YOU!! It was very special to see and hear Jerome Bruner talking and see one of my colleagues Sonja Kim speaking too.  Here's to enjoying the hosting of the WOL exhibit.  I'm telling all my NY friends about your work and the exhibit.  In the wonder of our work with children.
Juliet Staveley (educator in Albuquerque, NM)

I loved the lights and shadow atelier. When walking into the room, I felt a feeling of calmness come over me and I was amazed to see all the materials the students had at their disposal to use and explore. There were so many things going on, i.e. the light table, the students making shadows or sitting in the cozy space, however the students were working together to create shadow pictures or building objects in front of the projector. I truly enjoyed this section of the exhibit and would love to incorporate this into a center, where the students could explore materials from their everyday lives.

Wouldn't it be nice for my first grade students to learn at one’s own pace through inquiry hands on observations and not worry about test or being obligated to reach a certain reading level.  Wouldn't it be nice....

Thank you so much for having our NYU seniors at the exhibit last week!  They were eagerly engaged and loved being there!  They especially enjoyed being involved in the Science Lab and the Light Studio!  Jody and I had such a fascinating discussion with them.  They had many insightful comments and made outstanding observations.  We loved hearing the connections they made.  They also were delighted to read all the children's comments.

You have done a tremendous amount of work for the Early Childhood community!  Bravo!